Religious Instructions

The essentials of religion are taught at the College. Islamiyat is a compulsory subject. The prayers in the College Mosque supplement the religious education in the classroom.
Observance of fast in the month of Ramzan and holding of functions on the days of religious significance are also practiced. In addition, the morning assembly begins with the recitation of the Verses from the Holy Quran followed by their translation.


Guest Speakers

The College invites different dignitaries on special days to enlighten the cadets about current and national affairs.
As basic aim of the college is to prepare the cadets for Armed forces, team from ISSB visit the college to motivate them to achieve this.


Ideological Orientation

Special emphasis is laid on the ideological and the orientation of the students and concrete efforts will be made to inculcate national spirit in them.
This objective will be the guiding principal behind all educational programming and training. However, the following activities/functions are specially organized to achieve this goal.


Leadership Training

Along with quality education of Science, Cadet College Palandri emphasizes leadership training and character building. To achieve this objective following is done. Proctorial System. An elaborate Proctorial system is full geared to introduce the students to the art of leadership and to orientate their character for future leadership roles.


Guidance and Counseling

Cadets of 2nd year are counseled and guided by a qualified visiting psychologist. It aims at gaining deeper insight into the behavior of students for their wholesome growth and better adjustment not only in the Army but also in society. Counseling and guidance makes invaluable contribution towards preparing Cadets for their ultimate goal as leaders.


Physical Training and Drill

Daily morning P.T/Drill and afternoon games are compulsory for all cadets. Morning Assembly To build the personality of the cadets, the college arranges assembly sessions thrice a week, where students deliver speeches in English.