Rules & Regulations

Leave Policy

The Principal is authorized to regulate all Cadet’s leave, emergency leave, and medical leave on the special genuine request of a cadet or his parents.

Regular Leave

Regular leave covers periods longer than overnight, such as Regular Vacations, Eid Breaks Term Breaks, etc, that are available to all and lists detailed dates, times, and conditions. It is understood that Cadet will travel to his home during this period unless he has parental / guardian permission provided through an authority letter to the office.

Leave Rules
  1. Special emphasis is laid on the punctuality of the Cadets when they return to the College particularly at the expiry of holiday(s) / vacation. Absence on account of illness is accepted if supported by a Medical Certificate from a qualified Medical Officer.
  2. Parents are earnestly requested not to apply for leave during the term; parents should apply in writing to the Principal at least a week before the leave is required. They are advised to schedule their family functions/marriages etc during vacation/holidays so that the academic schedule of Cadets is not disturbed.
  3. Cadet who remains absent from the College without any information or prior approval of leave for six consecutive days are liable to be struck off the college rolls. Re-admission on fee Rs:5,000/- is charged in case they are allowed to rejoin the College, subject to the approval of the college council.
  4. On the request of parents, Cadets are allowed to visit homes on long weekends only provided their performance in academics is satisfactory.



    Parents / visitors shall be welcome to discuss matters relates to the Cadets performance, admissions etc with the Principal with prior appointment. They can, however, always send their suggestions in writing.

    Visitors will be conducted to the office and enabled to see the Principal through the PS who will keep an appointment schedule.

    The visitors will park their vehicles in the parking area and then proceed to the reception / visitors lobby, where the PS to Principal will facilitate their meeting with the Principal.

    Visitors are not allowed to visit Rooms / Dormitories / Houses, in any case.

    Visitors are requested to make it convenient to visit the College Authorities only on working days (Monday to Saturday) from 0900 hrs to 1500 hrs for official business.

    For this purpose
    • The names of the relatives and friends, along with their full addresses, authorized to see the Cadets must be intimated to the College, or else they should bring along a letter of authority from the parents/guardian Unauthorized person will not be allowed to see the Cadets.
    • Parents / visitors must not meet / contact any Cadet without first obtaining the permission of the Principal.
    Do & Don't
    • All Cadets will write letters to their parents once a week, preferably on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.
    • No cadet is allowed to open a private account in local post office or bank without the permission of the Principal, and he is not allowed to keep a credit account with the COLLEGE Cafeteria or shops.
    • It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to arrange safe journey for their sons/wards to and from the COLLEGE during breaks/holidays.
    Expulsion / Withdrawls

    Attention is invited to the following aspects, failing which strict disciplinary action will be taken. All cases of gross indiscipline shall be referred to the Chairman, College Council. Decision taken by the College Council shall be FINAL and NON-CHALLENGEABL.

    • Violation of the College rules may result in the withdrawal/expulsion of the Cadet from the College, with or without warning.
    • Indiscipline includes cheating, lying, stealing, vituperative language and immoral conduct.
    • Other contravention of rules include.
    • Leaving College Campus in an unauthorized dress or without proper permission of the House Master/Warden.
    • Rudeness with Staff Members and Seniors.
    • Keeping firearms, knives and any other weapon.
    • Smoking use of any drugs or narcotics.
    • Willfully or deliberately damaging COLLEGE property.
    • Being habitually unpunctual in Academics.
    • Absent from dormitories / House after lights out.
    • Taking part in strikes, protests, Inter-group fights and polities and indulging in unruly activities.
    • Keeping undesirable literature.
    • The Cadets are not allowed to keep any other item of clothing except those given in approved clothing list.